Units of Study Include Digital Resources.
The Schoolwide Resources Site has a wealth of digital resources to support reading, writing, and grammar instruction in your classroom. Your Fundamentals binder will contain an access code that you can use to sign up. Click the “Register with Access Code” button above to sign up.
  • Digital appendices
  • Short shared texts
  • Digital assessments
  • Sample student work
  • Classroom environment photos and
  • Multimedia and Internet resources to engage students.
The MyVocab App is designed to support vocabulary instruction and learning by providing a broad bank of academic and domain-specific word lists and an instructional sequence of interactive lessons, activities, and assessments.

Included with the purchase of Writing Fundamentals is Schoolwide’s EVAL Performance Assessment System. The system provides grade- and genre-specific rubrics (aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Writing) and student exemplars. EVAL’s writing assessment tool supports teachers in scoring individual pieces of student writing, monitoring student progress toward mastery of standards-based writing skills, driving future instruction, differentiating instruction, and measuring the effectiveness of instruction.

The resources site has been discontinued. You can now create a new account on Fundamentals Unlimited, where you can access digital resources to support your Schoolwide Units of Study and eVal.

Click here to create your new account.